Kristen Woollery is an artist from Brooklyn, NY- based in the D.C. metro area. Her passion for artistry and faith in God led her to express her ideas of beauty through painting abstract portraits of Black women. These portraits honor the women that have raised her and the community that loved her into her purpose. Kristen's work also pays homage to her Trinidadian heritage and New York City upbringing. Kristen’s rich cultural perspective has shaped, not only, the subject matter of her work, but also the bold and vibrant colors that she uses to express the strength, resilience and beauty present in the diaspora and her community at large. 

Kristen was featured in Forbes article "Abstract Artist, Kristen Woollery, Is Making a Name for Herself in The Predominantly White World of Art." Ultimately, Kristen paints as a form of therapy, joy and self-love, in the hopes that those who encounter her work experience the centering of and admiration for a people often forgotten and overlooked.